Friday, April 15, 2016

Hoop Talk

Back when I lived out in California I had a casual interest in the Golden State Warriors.

I rooted for them but they were was a little like being home in Buffalo, hoping the home team could win.

I even had a couple of Warriors shirts and hats.

Of course, they won the title last year and this year they were even better...

...winning an incredible 73 of 82 games.

That's amazing.

I watch some basketball because of the kids...who love it.

I watch mostly to root against LeBron, or Floppy the Crybaby as he's called here at Camp Clifford.

Stephen Curry is a tremendous shooter.

Reminds me of me as a younger man.

Now the pressure is really on the Warriors. They have to bring home the hardware as the kids say and that isn't a done deal. The Spurs and even Floppy's team have a chance.

"Who are your top five greatest basketball players ever," Jake asked as soon as I walked in the door from work.

"Wilt, Bird, Jordan, Jabbar and Ernie D.," I said.

Jake laughed.

Then he began arguing with Sam about it.

Jake had Kobe on his list and Sam was talking Floppy.

"There were a lot of great players," I said.

I was talking about Jerry West and Walt Frazier.

"How about Curry? He gonna' make it?"

Jake has shown me clips of Curry nailing shots from the parking lot.

"He's one of the best shooters ever," I said.

73 and 9.

Now they have to back it up.

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