Monday, April 25, 2016

Kelly Ripa Needs Me

I can do that job!

The show would have to be called Fuzzy & Ripa, but we could make it work.

I'd tell her about what she needs to fatten up a little bit too.

Yet Kelly Ripa is in the news this week because Michael Strahan up and quit his job as her co-host.

Then news broke that they hardly got along anyways and that his leaving wasn't all that much of a surprise to anyone...

...except poor Kelly.

She had no idea!

So, rather than go into work and put on a bold face she essentially called in sick for a week.

She's due back tomorrow.

Where she will have to sit there and yuk it up with Michael...

...even though she wants to choke him.

So, why not bring me in???

I'm ready!

We may have to move the show to cable as the F-word may eventually slip out, but they have delay buttons for that sort of crap, don't they?

(I'm a little concerned that there will now be memes of me and Kelly seated side-by-side as Chris Colantino takes shots at me daily)

But I'm willing to suffer for my art.

I'd be funnier than Michael.

I don't have the big gap in my teeth, but I could go out there with a chew in...


I watched Kelly & Michael every day when I was off with the hip injury.

I loved her energy.

She's no Kathy Fazzolari, mind you...

...but Fuzzy and Ripa.

It could work.

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