Thursday, April 7, 2016

Still Sickening

We watched the last episode of the O.J. Simpson series on FX.

First the Hollywood part.

The acting was great. Travolta did a good job with Shapiro. Theo Huxtable was a good A.C. Cowlings. The actors who played Lance Ito, Chris Darden and Johnnie Cochran were almost dead ringers for the real life people.

Ross Gellar as Robert Kardashian was spot on as well.

Sarah Paulson was really, really great as Marcia Clark.

But Cuba Gooding Jr. as O.J. was disconcerting as the two men don't look even a little alike.


...none of that crap is important.

I'm glad they did it though because time took away some of the revulsion of the case.

I distinctly recall where I was when the verdict came down.

I was at work, of course, but I was standing next to a man, Ron Eberle, who would be dead within a year or so. He was a good guy, but like me, he wasn't at all surprised when the words 'Not Guilty' were announced.

"Sickening," he said.

On that day we had watched people celebrate the verdict as if O.J. had just scored a touchdown.

A lot of people here in Buffalo still say the following when the subject of the murders comes up:

"He was a great player, though."

And I made a personal vow...

...I would never go to a professional football game at the Ralph...

...unless they took O.J.'s name off the wall of honor.

They won't.

So you won't see me there.

Because as much publicity as the O.J. case got then and as much as it is getting now...

...the fact that he chopped the heads off of two people... really still sickening to me.

The reminder that he was found 'Not Guilty' because of the smokescreens set up...



I hope they gave some of the money the series generated to the Goldman and the Brown families.

They probably didn't though.

Because the whole thing is sickening.

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