Tuesday, April 12, 2016

He's Your Son

Parenting is a crazy endeavor.

As a kid, you don't even begin to recognize what you're putting your Mom and Dad through, of course, but as a parent, you have just enough knowledge to know exactly when your kids are messing something up.

Yet the real tricky part is that your kids are little mini-mes of you and the beautiful wife.

Thankfully we are blessed with the ability to easily distinguish which characteristics that our kids display being to which one of us.

For instance.

There is one clean bedroom in the house.

It's mine.

It's easy to point out that each of the children followed the example of one of their parents.

Not mine.

And then there is the ability of one of our children to just go with the flow.

That's Sam.

He is not following my example in the above example.

Sam has a lovely personality that is not prone to displays of extreme emotion. If something makes him mad it's hard for us to know, because he moves on.

Yet Sam is now being called Little Clifford around the house because he has a tendency to nudge the others (who are captured in a life of pure leisure) to do a few of the things around the house that need to be done on a daily basis.

"He's starting to act like you when you're out of town," my beautiful wife said.

"And that's because the other two act like you," I said.

(Not a brillant remark).

And of course there are a whole bunch of moments when I catch myself acting just like my parents...

...when I sing to the dogs...that's pure Mom...

...when I bellow any name to get someone into the room to grab me a water, or turn on the television...that's Dad.

As a parent it is comforting to know that a little bit of you moves on down the line.



One of our children is going to perform an act...

...reprimand one of their kids...

(perhaps one named Clifford)

And they're gonna' think...

"I just sounded like the old man."

And that will be really cool.

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