Tuesday, April 26, 2016

He Was Amazing!

There was certainly a moment, after the death of Prince when I thought to myself:

"This is going to get a little crazy."

The tributes.

The kind words.

The endless playing of the songs.

And there was a moment when I decided to put on an episode of Judge Judy rather than hear from the people who were being interviewed who were just clamoring to let the world know that:

"Prince was perfect."

People want to have their moment to say goodbye...

...they want to say kind words.





All words that seemingly fit the entertainer...

...but I was waiting for it.


Someone finally posted such a message.

Then there were people who were quick to point out that:


I sort of find that kind of stuff fascinating.

You didn't like him?

Don't comment.

You're tired of reading about it?

Don't read about it!

It was bound to get tiresome, but how is it going to stay out of the news?

He died young, of strange circumstances.

He was a chart-topper.

(Okay, I'm tired of hearing Purple Rain, but I just stop listening to it a few notes in).

But why so angry?

He was a newsmaker.

He will be mourned by a lot of people.

The tributes will continue for a little while longer...

...and then Prince's career will be evaluated in specials or on shows...

...that you don't need to watch.

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