Tuesday, April 5, 2016

7 More Months to Go!

Anyone fatigued with the coverage of the presidential election?

Let's recap.

Mexicans are rapists.

E-mail accounts can be deleted.

Clinton couldn't keep her man happy...how can she manage the country?

Bernie is a communist.

Cruz somehow slept with five women.

All Muslims have to go.

Mexico won't pay for the f%^&Ing wall.

McCain isn't a war hero.

Abortion? What abortion?

I'm all for it...or against it...or something.

Jeb's mother denounced him.

Christie looks lost.


Think about the fact that we have seven months left!

What can we look forward to?

Will it be Trump versus Clinton?

Will the GOP have a battle in the summer because everyone hates Trump except for the millions who are voting for him?

Will Clinton get the nomination even though all the states are feeling the Bern?

Will Bernie even be around by November?

So many questions.

Americans are arguing themselves silly.

The rest of the world appears to be laughing.

As a wise one mentioned the other day...

...the World Series winner will be crowned before the election is even in the books!

I'm tired of it already!!

How about you?

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