Monday, April 4, 2016

Let's Make A Video!

Did you see the story about the Los Angeles Laker players who decided to make a video.

D'Angelo Russell decided to interview Nick Young.

He asked him about being unfaithful...

...well the subject got there anyway...

...and Young spilled the beans (stealing an expression from the Great Orange One).

There was a problem with it.

Young had a girlfriend.

'Had' being the important word.

Because somehow, the playful interview found it's way onto the Internet and as was grabbed and shared and sent and analyzed.

Nick Young's girlfriend was able to watch it play from start to finish.

Young and Russell had been good friends.

(There's that 'Had' word again).


It's all kind of funny to those of us who are just sitting back wondering about how two people could be so stupid.

Young for telling on himself


Russell for letting it get out.

The two men then had to step on a basketball court and play as teammates.

How do you think that went?

The Lakers are about 14 and 400 anyway so it didn't really matter, but even wide open I don't think Young is gonna' pass the ball to Russell.

I tried to use it as a training tool for my boys.

"You see," I said to Jake. "Everything is captured on-line."

"Yeah, if you're a moron," Jake answered.

Good talk.

Lessons learned?

When the compulsion to make a video hits you...make sure that you know who's holding the camera.


Don't cheat on your girl and then announce it.

(We're all the better for having followed this sad story).

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