Monday, April 18, 2016

Trump Is Here!!!

The old great Orange one has arrived!

Donald is in Buffalo and there have been 23,000 tickets distributed so far.

I don't have one.

What the hell goes on at a political rally anyways?

It's not like he's breaking out Born in the U.S.A. of Rocking in the Free World.

Those rock stars won't let him play their music.

Will there be warm-up speeches?

Is that when the bouncers beat up the black people?

When does the Donald go on stage?

There are so many questions, but I have a few of the answers.

Donald will tell us about America and how we have been losing and soon we will be winning so much that the smiles won't come off our faces.

It's a little like Chevy Chase telling his family:

"We're gonna' have so much fun you'll be whistling zippy-do-dah out of your assholes."

Great changes are coming, America!

We're gonna' have jobs!

Plenty of low-paying jobs because we don't care for that minimum wage thingy!

We're gonna' have great healthcare...

...right after we disable the healthcare plan that is in place.

We're gonna' make the Middle East a parking lot...

...but first we're gonna' kick everyone out first, wait until they get home, then blow 'em up!!


We're gonna' be tired of winning!!

I'm tired of any and all political talk.

A guy called my house on Saturday night.

He asked me if I was voting for Bernie, or leaning to Trump.

I didn't answer him at all.

He kept trying to get me to say something that he could write down.

"Will you vote for Bernie?"

"No idea."

"Will you vote?"


"Are you leaning towards Donald Trump?"


My beautiful wife laughed.

"Why didn't you tell him the truth?" She asked.

"Why should I be the only one telling the truth," I asked.

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