Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A Perfect Moment

Life is pretty stingy with the perfect moments.

In fact we usually trudge along, moving the rock from one place to the next, not even appreciating the great times.

On Monday night a great sports moment became a great father-son moment.

Cut way back to 1977.

Reggie had just hit his 3rd home run into the New York night.

The Yankees were going to win the World Series for the first time in years.

My 13th birthday.

I was sitting with my Dad that night.

I can still feel how happy he was.

We shared a couple of huge salami sandwiches.

And I remember that moment through time as if it happened ten minutes ago.

During the course of this college basketball season I watched the Villanova Wildcats play at least 25 basketball games.

My son, Sam, is their biggest fan and it has been that way for at least ten years.

He has Villanova shirts.

He dreams of playing for them.

(Won't happen, but he's sure it might).

And the time of their game was like a weekly call-out.

"I get the big t.v. at 1 on Saturday! 'Nova is on!!"

Week after week.

And we all teased him a little about his crazy love, but down deep, I wanted 'Nova to win.

I really wanted them to win so my son would be happy.

I didn't know how much until Monday night.

I decided to watch the game in bed.

My hip is really barking.

But he was standing right in front of the television and they were all yelling...

...I would check in on them as the game wore on.

Yet, with 5 minutes left and 'Nova up 10, I decided to go down and see his face as they clinched it.

But it got wild!

The Tar Heels player hit a crazy shot with just about 5 seconds to tie it.

Sam took it okay, but the room was dead quiet as they went to time out.

He was thinking overtime, but he said:


In Sam's mind, the excellent point guard, Ryan Arcidiacono, was going to be the star.

And Arch did dribble the ball up the floor and in a perfect basketball moment delivered a pass to Kris Jenkins (another favorite of ours), who buried the 3 as the buzzer sounded.

A simply perfect basketball moment.

I stood straight up and pumped my fist.

I let out a yell!

(I don't demonstrate much when my team wins!)

Sam took three running steps to the other side of the room, screamed "Let's Go!!!! Big Smoove!!! (Jenkins' nickname)" and as he ran by...

...reached out and embraced me.

We yelled loudly as Jake and our extra son, Quinn, looked on in mild amusement.

And perfect moments are there for the taking.

It's a sporting event... need to put too much into it.

Unless you've been cheering with your boy.

Then it's something more.

And it couldn't have happened in any other way.

Pro sports is becoming a real headache to me with the crime and the money and the this and that...

...and college sports is certainly big business...

...but that was a great team win by a hardworking bunch.

Not a bad lesson to share with Sam.

"Big Smoove!!!"


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