Sunday, April 17, 2016

Ryan LaMarre!

Boston Red Sox player Ryan LaMarre came through big for the Thunder Road Jeff Fazzolari Memorial Softball Tournament that is coming up in August.

Check this out:

How did I get four signed items by a Red Sox player?


...that's pretty interesting.

I made a friend on Twitter - Tom Ratchford.

Tom is a great guy...he loves baseball and especially the 27-Time World Champion Greatest Franchise in the History of Organized Sports.

Yet Tom is also a great fan of the up and coming Sox player Ryan LaMarre.

One day we were trading tweets about Ryan's spring training game against the Yankees.

Tom was in the crowd...and he was not wearing his Yankees gear.

He was rooting for the Yankees, quietly, as he sat and also rooted for Ryan to have a great game.

Ryan hit a homer!

I jumped in and made mention that I was happy for Ryan but that he better not hit homers against the Yankees when it really mattered.

Then I thought about the benefit.

I asked Tom if Ryan might donate some items for the tourney.

A couple of hours later I had my answer:


And Ryan went over and above expectations...

...two signed balls and two signed batting gloves.


He's a Red Sux player!!

And I really, really like him!

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