Friday, April 8, 2016

The Masters

Did you see the kids of the professional golfers playing around on the greens?

Some of those kids were rolling in putts that Pops couldn't bottom out in 4.

And then their fathers were working on the par 3 course...

...there were something like 9 hole-in-ones.

Can't I have a hole-in-one this year, God?

I'm hoping to play fairly regularly, but work and my stupid, useless legs will have a say in the manner.

I golfed in air casts a few times last year!

I didn't get close to a hole in one.

And these jerks are rolling them in at will.

Ah well...we all have our talents.

But I don't get to watch a lot of the Tournament on television.

I usually just follow along on the phone because every single time I try to watch golf on television one of the geniuses around here will say something clever like:

"How bored do you have to be to watch golf?"

Golf is a great sport to play and I try like hell to tell my kids how much fun they'd have if they tried it...

...but nothing so far.

I don't get it.

They'll play hoops until it's dark, but they don't want anything to do with golf.

Their loss.

I started playing at 16 years old...and while I have never got great at it...I've enjoyed every single round.

It relaxes me.

And that might startle some of the Grape Apes who have watched me lose my s*it when I can't roll a putt in on the back nine at Eden Valley...

...but those pros might 5-putt a hole up there.

Ahh, the Masters.

No Tiger, but it will still be endlessly interesting to me.

Golf is back!

Even though they're calling for snow and single digits here in Buffalo.

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