Monday, April 11, 2016

Bob O.

I have a good friend.

He's another safety dude.

Bob Overhoff, the safety manager at LP Ciminelli.

Well, this week Bob received a safety award.

The Edward J. Waring Award for safety excellence through the years.

He really, really, really deserved the award and I'm proud of the goofy bastard.

You see, Bob and I have worked in concert for years and years.

Back about 20 years ago we worked together.

(Sorry, Bob, I have to tell the story).

We were in a busy office when a salesman came by looking for Bob.

"Is Bob Overhoff here?" the man had the extreme misfortune of asking me.

"He's over there," I said. "The guy who looks like he's wearing a moose suit."

Through the years, we have laughed a lot.

Also, there aren't too many days that go by when we don't send a message that is all about safety of the guys we work with.

Bob watches my guys.

I watch his.

Together we have made a difference out there.

But this is about Bob!

"That Overhoff is a good dude," one guy who works with my masonry crew said. "He's approachable. He cares about us."

And I know Bob well enough to know that the guys in the field mean more to him than any award he can ever receive.

Bob has made a difference.

In a lot of lives.

Including mine.

Congrats, Moose.

Long-time coming!

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