Friday, April 29, 2016

Old Love

Went for lunch yesterday and was joined by a good buddy.

As we were chatting about saving the world in our jobs as construction safety guys I noticed that my buddy kept glancing at the table over my shoulder.

"What's up?"

"There's an old couple behind us," he said. "They are showing their love. Public displays of affection."

"Old?" I asked.

"Real old," he said.

"They must not be married," I answered.

There's a bit of discomfort when you want to turn all the way around and take in the scene, but I pretended to look out the window.

They were old!

"You think it's an affair?" my buddy asked.

"Has to be," I said. "If I tried to sit next to Kathy in a booth instead of across from her she'd probably punch me."

"And he keeps leaning in and kissing her cheek or holding her hand."

I laughed.

"Yeah, that isn't happening for me anymore," I said.

"Me neither," my buddy said.

He's been married longer than me.

I watched as the old dog got up to get drinks for himself and his gal.

While he was at the drink stand she took the paper off of his straw for him.

Together they got their drinks ready and then they each bit into their food at the exact same moment.

How lovely.

"Yeah. They haven't been together long," I said. "There's no way that they are that in love if they've been hanging out for years and years. We're at the stage in our marriage where my wife does shit on purpose just to aggravate me."

My buddy laughed.

"You're right."

We kept glancing back at the couple who was obviously enjoying spending time with one another.

I wish I knew the back story.

My over/under on the length of their relationship is about three months.

But good for them...

...they seemed to have found love late in life.

Three months from now they'll be sitting across from one another.

"Can you get my straw ready?" He'll ask.

"Are your fingers broken?" She'll respond.

Hold her hand as long as you can.

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