Wednesday, January 18, 2017

What the Hell Time Is It?

Okay, I've been in Arizona, Nevada, Missouri, Illinois, North Carolina, Kansas, New York and Iowa.

In 8 days!!

The problem being I was in the Western Time Zone for 2 days, Central for 2, Mountain? for 2.5 and Eastern  for 1.5.

I've been eating whenever. Catching naps like a 90-year-old man and trying to figure out what the hell time it is at home.

Television shows?

Forget it!

Part of the problem is that sometimes my phone switches the time to reflect where I am. I sort of expected that...

...but I got burned by ESPN app deciding that I was also in the zone I was in.

I turned on the Atlanta-Seattle game two hours before it started.

Different beds, different pillows...

...damn I screwed up!

I make my own schedule!!!

I just never actually considered all the damn time changes!

The other night...not sure which state...I went to sleep at my normal time...I thought.

I woke at my normal time.

Got up and moved around a little and said:

"Damn! I'm tired!"

Then I did the math and figured out that I went to bed at the time it was where I was and woke up when I figured it was 6:30 in Blasdell.

We often talk about sports teams going from East to West.

They always get their asses kicked.

Now I know why.

I spent a couple days in Vegas...


Ah well...long stretch at home coming up.

I'll be in bed.

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