Monday, January 16, 2017


John Lewis, who marched, and was beaten in a fight for civil rights...

...a lifetime ago...

...was in the news over the weekend because he was in a Twitter fight with the incoming president who stated that Lewis is "all talk, no action."

It sounds like a miscalculation to many of us who are not truly emotionally challenged.

The fight for rights...basic, human rights...was real.

It's still real!

Lewis was arrested 45 times and stood shoulder-to-shoulder battling with those who did not want him to eat in white-only restaurants, or drink at a water fountain that might be contaminated if a black man put his lips on it.

"Do nothing."

Lewis has also served in our government for years...continuing the fight.

MLK Day seems even more important this year.

The civil unrest is a tangible thing.

There are some who believe that "Making America Great Again," is all about stripping people back in their place.

Like gays, or blacks, or Mexicans, or refugees.

No one ever admits to being a racist...

...but racism is alive and well.

MLK Day is a day when we certainly think about some of the men, like John Lewis, who stood up and shook his fist at injustice.

We need some of the same type of people to stand up now.

Because no one wins...

...when we start picking and choosing who has the right... be human.

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