Friday, January 27, 2017

Media Burnout

I'm lost.

Every morning I put on the television to watch as I eat a bowl of cereal and drink a cup of coffee.

If I put on ESPN I get a full dose of Floppy the Crybaby (LeBron) telling me that he's great. Then the top 10 plays of the night are 7' people dunking a ball.

We get it. They're big!

So, I flip to the news.

Trump has ruined it all.

There's not a news story that is safe to watch.

Either his spokeswoman is handing out "alternative facts" or the anchor is laying out the lies.

Yesterday I flipped on "Married With Children" instead.

Al Bundy definitely makes more sense to me.

Yet it's just not the television anymore.

It's Twitter, Facebook...hell, even this blog.

There's orange and gold all over everything these days!!

People are fighting like never before.

People who are for the governmental change are fighting with those who are vehemently against it.

There are side by side photos asking which group has more people in it.

Claims are being made about who cheated during the election and who didn't.

Executive orders flying around.

Celebrities standing up and vowing to organize even larger protests!

Rights being threatened!

Government ordered media blackouts.

It's too much!!!

The fight can not be sustained at this level.

We just won't survive.

Not 4 years.

Now, I'm thinking it will all settle down eventually.

Perhaps there will be compromises made.

Maybe we will all come to our senses.

God. I hope so.

I can't take another morning of LeBron telling me he's the greatest player ever.

Al Bundy is gonna' get a lot of play.

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