Thursday, January 12, 2017

Meryl Streep

It was an amazing speech.

She earned the right to give it after a lifetime of being in the national spotlight.

Yet some are saying that she should simply keep her mouth shut as she is only an entertainer.

Kind of like a dancing monkey, I suppose.

Yet, how can Twitler be upset that an entertainer was spouting off about politics?

Isn't that how this entire political shitstorm started?

Trumplethinskin believed that Obama wasn't born in this country. He started his political career by demanding that the president release his birth certificate.

He was a reality show star then.

Certainly nowhere near as accomplished as Streep.

Perhaps she is gearing up to run against him in 2020.

Why not?

Qualifications are not required.

Hell, she can demand that secret service protect her in the Hollywood Hills.

But it's not really about that...'s about what she said.

Streep never once mentioned P-groper by name.

Instead she spoke of bad behavior, hurtful nasty things, the fact that he mocked a reporter for being handicapped.

(And he certainly's on tape...he even said "you should see this guy" before launching into his imitation).

Of course, the husband of the one-time illegal immigrant answered Streep.

By calling her a lousy actress, a bad person, a Hillary lover....

...blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

He's 10 days away from being sworn in as the President of the Freaking Country and he's flipping out because an actress spoke out against his rhetoric of hatred.

Get used to it.

It is never going to end.

The "elites" are against you.

In fact there are 70 million people...give or take 50 million...

Who hate you.

It's up to you to sway the good people of the world.

Even the 65 million, who you now hate, for not voting for you.

It's a big job.

Way bigger than you probably anticipated.

Maybe Putin can help.

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