Thursday, January 26, 2017

Mary Tyler Moore

Who didn't love Laura Petrie?

Or Mary Tyler Moore?

I grew up in the 1970's. It seemed like Mary Tyler Moore was always on our television.

Those were the days, right?

When all of America watched all the same shows and talked about them endlessly.

TV Land has allowed us to rewatch some of those shows again and about a year or so ago I caught a Dick Van Dyke rerun and I remember thinking:

"Man, Mary Tyler Moore was beautiful."

She could only wear pants in one scene on that show...

...viewers were outraged to see a woman in pants!

And there were never any shots of men and women in bed during those episodes. At best, there were references that seemed a little risky.

On the Mary Tyler Moore show there was actually outrage that Mary Richards was on birth control.

When you think of it now it all seems odd.

My God! She said she was on birth control!!

She was a single woman, working alone??

Demanding equal pay?

Not depending on a man for her happiness??


And yet, it is almost fitting that Mary Tyler Moore died this week...

...just days after women all over the country gathered to march in their cities to not be treated as second class citizens.

Some of the things that MTM stood up to protest in the context of her show...

...are being discussed again.

I saw a woman holding a sign at one of the gatherings that said:

"I can't believe I still have to f$&king protest this shit."

I wanted to laugh, but none of it is funny.

There were others saying:

"Get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich."


I kept thinking of all of it after hearing that Mary Tyler Moore died.

I wonder if she knew all that was being said during the campaign for president.

I could almost imagine her standing up to protest the unfair aspects of it all.

A whole bunch of women grew up wanting to be like Laura and Mary.

A lot of men admired her spunk.

Women stood up this past week and shouted back... the name of Mary Tyler Moore...

...I hope they continue.

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