Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Leave the Kids Alone

An SNL Writer was suspended for sending a tweet about Barron Trump...

...the 10-year old.

Come on, now.

That's kinda' like picking on a handicapped person.

It should get you punished!

Years ago, Rush Limbaugh called Chelsea Clinton the family dog.

Normally when you're making fun of someone and putting them down you're doing it to make yourself feel better.

I have some good buddies and we make fun of each other all the time. We all know the's not to cause's to bring laughs.

That's the problem with the tweets that bring children to the nastiness of the adults...'s NEVER funny!

Barron Trump is 10!

What would make you think about bringing him into the conversation and especially saying that he would one day go on a murderous rampage?

The kid hasn't done anything wrong. He doesn't know anything about the aggravation that his father has brought to defenseless people.

Children don't want to hear nasty things about their family.

Parents don't want to hear strangers bash their children.

It's a losing proposition.

Now I'm sure that Barron will be okay. Perhaps when he is an adult he'll even be thick-skinned enough to laugh when someone makes fun of him...

...after all, his Dad seems to be a good sport, right.

SNL certainly has a job to do.

Make us laugh by poking fun at The Orange Mound in the big chair, Kellyanne Conjob, Spicer the truth-teller, the alternative facts, Pence, Ryan, Rubio.

There are million of targets.

But kids are off-limits.


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