Sunday, January 29, 2017

We're Living It

Those who don't pay attention to history will be forced to repeat it.

I always enjoyed History class. I wanted to know what happened when I wasn't here.

I'll never forget the day when my Mom caught me going through the old news clippings of the day JFK was gunned down. Mom saved about 5 different newspapers from that day, and I was about ten years old. I had them all splayed out and she found me sitting on the floor of the storage room in our basement, reading every word.

I thought I was in trouble for digging through the boxes!

"I saved them for all of you," Mom said.

So we'd know what it was to be alive that day.

From my youth I remember a lot of the stories of slavery, the great wars, Hitler, the holocaust.

All things told to me that I eventually read about.

I know exactly where I was when the Berlin Wall came down. I was listening to the Wall, by Pink Floyd, riding in the back of a pick-up truck. (J.C. Was there) I recall Reagan saying "Tear Down that Wall."


That wall was a barrier to a free world for people who were a half a world away.

When I finally was of the frame of mind to read the news yesterday I considered the construction of a new wall that may be built along the border of an ally and trade partner.

Will there be great regret 20, 30, 40 years down the line?

Then I read about the travel ban of refugees.

9/11 was cited as a reason.

Zero of the countries involved in sending through the 9/11 terrorists are included on the list.

We've accepted 785,000 refugees since 9/11.

3 have been arrested for terrorist activities.

Are we on the wrong side of history?

We have had more than one nationwide protest this week!!!

I don't know.

We're living it, I guess.

I don't have to gather newspapers for my children.

Info is available at their fingertips...

...we are all very well-informed.

Too bad we didn't learn from history though...

...we seem to be repeating it.

And the one thing that has bothered me terribly over the course of this week is knowing that this level of passion, and this much rage can't be sustained.

There will be an implosion or many explosions.

We've watched 3rd world countries trapped in civil unrest erupt in violence.

Desperation explodes into pain.

We're not being led right now...

...people are actually being dragged along.

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