Monday, January 23, 2017

He Walked On the Moon

Eugene Cernan died yesterday morning.

He lived a long 82-year life, walking on the moon's surface, at one point, and actually scratching his daughter's initials up there.

The stuff of legends.

As I watched the Sunday morning news recap of his life I saw all the old photos of Cernon in his gear. The equipment actually looked primitive compared to how we would probably outfit him now for such a trip.

I think I saw duct tape holding his hearing protection in place.

Yet it was the legacy stuff that I was thinking about.

He's in the history books now.

Walking on the moon didn't buy him any additional time, but he certainly left his mark, and that's what we all strive for, right?

There are moments when the opposite side of it is true. We will see a news report of a man who pisses their life away.

We get one shot!

Cernan took a chance, worked hard, and left his daughter's initials on the moon!

Think of that.

And I'm sure that no one has any idea who he is!

But the Kardashians?

We know them!

Later in life, Cernan tried his best to make sure that congress knew of all that was accomplished back then.

We have a dark picture of  this country being painted right now.

"American Carnage."

That's what we heard the other day.

Yet, day in and day out I'm reminded that there are great Americans who will reach for the sky and beyond.

Cernan passed on.

To the next adventure.

He did good.

We all should just try to move forward.

And leave the carnage behind.

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