Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Patriots Are Back in the Big Game!


I almost had it picked exactly right.

Back in September, I said Pats over Packers in the Super Bowl and then the Pats don't show up for the trophy presentation.

It may be Pats over Falcons instead.

Not guaranteed, mind you as Atlanta is good...

...but man...

Think about the NFL Playoffs.

They absolutely sucked!

There was exactly one good game.


The Packers-Cowboys game was good.

The rest?


If the Super Bowl somehow turns into a blowout... (Has that ever happened before?)...and then Roger has to stand up there with Kraft, Belichick and Brady.

That would be classic.

Following the win on Sunday, Hoodie was presented with the AFC Championship trophy.

Did you ever see someone pick up the rest of the garbage bag after the bottom falls out?

That's what he looked like he was holding.

He actually cringed and held it by the top, and then turned in a half circle and looked for someone to hand it to.


Of course I hate the Red Sux...and it's difficult for me to root for a Boston team, but when you love villains...

...how can you not?

Goodell is going to have to make a speech talking about how hard the Patriots have worked, and what a great organization it is and how Brady is the greatest...

...and Belichick is going to grimace, groan, perhaps spit on the floor, wipe his mouth with his hoodie sleeve.

Please God...

...I don't even like watching football anymore...

Make this happen!

(I could use two squares hitting as well).

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