Tuesday, January 10, 2017


It's been snowing a lot.

It's ungodly cold.

We have food, enough bones for the dogs, and whatever else we need.

So, I grabbed two movies:

"Bad Moms" and "Sully."

We laughed a lot at "Bad Moms"...a little silly, but Mila Kunis (other than thinking of Meg from Family Guy every time she spoke) was good and stunningly beautiful.

 (She's no Kathy Fazzolari).


"We watching "Sully"?," my beautiful wife asked.

 She had worked the 5 a.m. shift, so I had my doubts about her participation.

"Put it on."

I had remembered the story, of course, but it had happened early in '09...

...a year I can't even think about without extreme sadness...

So I forgot a lot of it.

First off, Tom Hanks is as great as everyone says he is. When they showed the real guy at the end, I dismissed him as not being the true Sully.

And I loved it because of how great it was presented...

...and because it was a man...

...doing his job!

He was uncomfortable with the accolades because he was just doing what he was talented enough to do.

And it was extreme talent that brought those people home that day.

"I'm just proud that we did our job," he says at one point.

We are desensitized to violence and death in our lives.

We count bodies...we forget lives.

150 people escaped death that day, doing nothing more than bracing for impact.

5 people did their job.

2 of them exceptionally landed that plane.

We knew the story...we didn't feel it.

"How was it?" Kathy asked as the credits rolled.

(Her snoring made me turn it up, at one point).

"It was great," I said.

"I knew the ending," she said.

"But it was really worth watching!"

Strangely, I felt a little choked up.

2009 taught me that even a single death can forever alter the rest of life.

Those people were able to continue...

...because Sully did what he was paid to do.


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