Sunday, January 15, 2017

My Boys

We don't leave home very often.

I have to travel a bit for work, but usually it's just a couple of nights and back home. Kathy is never gone for too long.

So, on a "vacation" where I mixed in a little work, we are away from the boys for 5 straight days.

"I miss them," Kathy said.

Of course!

We face-timed Sam for a couple of minutes, but he wasn't much interested. Yet, there are texts going around.

Jake texted me about a couple of NBA guys. We went back and forth about life. Sam is the guy who is keeping the house under control...and taking care of the dogs.

Then this:

"We had pizza and the box isn't in the fridge."

A pizza box in the refrigerator is a big no-no when I'm home.

"It is in the fridge," Kathy said. "They confessed."

So far we know that their big rebellion is keeping the box in the refrigerator where energy is wasted to get the box cold is happening!!

If that's all that happens...I'm good!

I'm sure that Quinn is also spending time on my couch.

I can picture it:

Video games on the big television.

Basketball game after basketball game being watched one after another.

Pizza, chicken fries...

A lot of laughing.

We have good boys.

Of course we miss them, but it's good for alll of us.

And I know Sam pretty well...

...he'll make sure that the pizza is on a plate before I walk back through the door.

Poor kid.

He feels guilty about it already!

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