Sunday, January 1, 2017

# Organized!!!

My beautiful wife is resolving to be more organized in 2017.

After 20-some years of pure chaos in some aspects...

...we're going to have more focus, as a family!

I'm not exactly sure what led to this resolution, but I have a few doubts that it'll work to my satisfaction.

You see, I'm actually the one who is too far the other way.

I  write everything down. I plan things to the minute, so much so that the dogs start moving around a few minutes before they're supposed to eat, or go out, or go to bed.

Everything at the same time. Every day.

Melky and Paris are used to the routine.

Kathy and the boys...


Not even close!

We discussed clutter in our common space.

"I feel less anxious when things are orderly," I explained.

"Really? I didn't notice," Kathy said. "But I'm going to try. I need a notebook to write things down."

I bought her a black notebook, found a photo of myself and taped it to the front of it.

"What's with the photo?" She asked.

"I want you to remember how much you love me as you're compiling your to-do-lists."

"You'll see! It's gonna' be # organized around here."

"I give the notebook about three weeks," I said, "before you lose it."

Yet I am interested in the 'get-organized' philosophy that seems to show up at the end of December and is out the window by February 1.

A lot of people fall into the same trap.

I cleaned out a couple of cupboards and sorted out a closet or two.

I felt instantly better after doing it, and dreamed about a world where it stayed organized.

Yet I've actually changed a little bit through the years. Believe it or not I let some things go. I know that no one in my immediate family believes that...

...but it does feel good to be organized.

"It's crazy that the dogs know what time it is," Kathy said.

"They're organized."

Wish us luck:


Happy New Year!!!

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