Friday, January 20, 2017

Daddy's Home!

Thank God!

On a clear day in Des Moines I was seated on an airplane in a small seat, but lo and behold, the seat next to me was empty!

And would remain empty!!

I opened the book I was reading, stretched my legs out into the area below the seat next to me, put on my headphones and was greeted with Sway off Exile on Main Street by the Stones.

Six short hours and I would be home.

And then...and then...and then...

We weren't taking off.

The flight attendant grabbed the mic.

"Somehow we have a dent on the plane! We don;t know how that happened, but what needs to happen now is that maintenance has to come by and check it out and then we have some paperwork with the FAA to do. We're hoping it only takes 15 minutes or so."

Twenty minutes later he grabbed the mic again.

He was apologizing over and over.

"We need another 15-20 minutes. We're sorry for the inconvenience."


I checked my paperwork.

I was going to miss my connecting flight.

The flight attendant stopped by to personally apologize.

I never looked up at him.

He's sorry????

But a funny thing happened on the way to absolute depression.

I got off the plane in whatever the hell city I was in and rushed through the airport just as woman at the desk was telling me that Group 3 could board the plane to Buffalo!

"I've never been so happy to be in Buffalo," I told Sam.

But you know who was happier?

Yeah, Melky and the Pair.

My doggies were going wild!

I unpacked and threw the suitcase far away from me...

...then got into my own bed.


I'm home!!

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