Monday, January 9, 2017

It's Evil

The video of the group of evil kids torturing the special needs kid... just evil.

Nothing more and nothing less.

It is not a condemnation of all black men and women just as Dylan Roof is not reflective of how white folks live their lives.

But that concept simply can't be grasped, I guess.

"This is on Obummer! He doesn't say anything if it's a white person being beat!"

Well, actually, he did.

He said the same thing as he did when asked about violence, no matter who was involved:

"We're better than this."

"This has to stop."

"Let's work together to stop the shootings."

Play the tape...

...he's anti-violence.


As we all are...



"Those kids need to be raped and beaten to death!!!" One man said on Facebook.

I actually know the guy who made that comment.

Violence is here to stay!

If we wanted to stop it...we'd stop reveling in it.

A day later...

...people were gunned down trying to retrieve their luggage by another evil man.

There was a mad race...

...not solely to condemn, but to see the race and religion of the attacker.

So the hate could be distributed properly.

"Why didn't someone punch him?" One genius wrote on Twitter.


Punch a guy shooting bullets.

In any regard...


That's where the hate should go when someone flips out and hurts someone else.

Don't blame all the whites, or all the blacks, or the politician you don't like, or the Catholics, or the Muslims, or the alt-right, or the libtards, or gun-lovers or gun-haters.

Blame evil.

If we'd all fight that instead of one another...

...maybe there's a chance.

As I wrote that last sentence I smiled. Someone reading this might just hate me just for taking this stand..."bleeding heart pansy...trying to preach peace"...ah well...I'm not against anything or anyone, other than...

...those who are violently


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