Tuesday, January 31, 2017

We Know Nothing

There's a great debate as to what is real news or fake news.

The media is under attack, some say, rightfully slow.

Information is everywhere.

The conservative writers pen hate stories about Obama and Clinton.

Liberal "reporters" find any tidbit of nastiness that is spewing forth from every orifice.

And I'm the middle of it all, I watched the movie, Snowden.

And there was a moment, in the middle of it all when it occurred to me...

...we know nothing!

Everyone is watching.

We are tapping other people's phones and computers.

Other countries are tapping ours.

We're one nasty tweet away from all of this being blown sky high.

Even the information we got on Snowden was skewered, depending on who or what we wanted to believe.

Yet that hasn't stopped anyone...anywhere in this great land...from coming up with their own narrative  on what should or shouldn't be done.

I don't think we should turn away refugees based upon what I was taught through the eyes of a bunch of Christian nuns, and a loving family that spoke of all being created equally. So I am drawn to stories that chronicle good people needing asylum to stay alive.

But others out there are reading different refugee stories that are fear-based and remind us that our nation's security is dependent upon making sure that everyone stays out because if one M&M is poison would you eat any of them in the bowl?

Who's right?

Who's wrong?

Guess we are all free to fight it out, based on the limited, slanted information that we are digesting.

In the end, even Snowden had no idea what was happening even though he was entangled in the center of it all.

There are so many lies being told, so much money is changing hands.

Lives are lost.

Dreams are cast aside.

We've become scared, paranoid, untrusting, vengeful and disheartened.

In the middle of not knowing a damn thing...

...about anything.

Whatever gets us through the day, right?

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