Wednesday, January 11, 2017


"Faline entered the McGaughey residence on the morning of December 19, ate three cookies and then left to wander outside."

That quote is from a Washington Post article from January 7.

The article infuriated me.

You see, Faline is a mule deer who was befriended by the family on 6-acres of land in Kansas.

The deer was a unique animal who would knock on the door when it wanted human contact. Taryn McGaughey would feed the animal, hang scarves around the neck so hunters wouldn't shoot her, and even allowed the deer to lie on the living room floor with her as she watched television.

The deer also left the residence for days on end...disappearing into the live the life of a deer.

Faline wasn't confined.

The neighbors knew all about the unique relationship.

One of them called the wildlife commission and reported it.

What happened next makes me ill.

The wild life enforcement agents converged on the residence, and found Faline on the property.

With Taryn screaming and crying in her yard, the agents followed Faline into the woods, and gunshots rang out.

Faline will no longer step inside for cookies.

The wild life agent explained that it was unlawful to confine such an animal under the threat of disease, and potential problems that might result in wild life interfering with domestic life.


They had to shoot the deer in front of the family?

It's that cut and dry?

I just think there has to be some wiggle room here, right?

Couldn't they have taken Faline to a sanctuary?



Just a dumb animal.



Bleeding heart!

Can't help it.

I started my book, Desperation, with this quote:

"Every creation has a purpose."

Faline had a purpose for that family.

There wasn't any consideration given to that.

Faline's purpose was snuffed out...

...because of a stupid decision.

Ah hell.

I'm probably wrong, right?

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