Monday, January 2, 2017

Don't Hit Send

There's a story going around Buffalo involving a member of the Buffalo School Board, Carl Paladino. 

Nationally some out there may have even heard the story. Paladino ran for governor a few years back and his campaign imploded...

...because of the wild things he did and said.

The latest problem came from an interview with the Buffalo paper Artvoice. Carl was asked what he would like to see happen in 2017.

His answer involved the death of Obama and a truly nonsensical statement about Michelle Obama running off with a gorilla and living happily ever after.

The comments look worse in print. The fact that the Obama's are African-American...


...not good!

Paladino explained (after saying a couple of times that he meant every word) that he sent the "jokes" which he only meant to share with friends, to the paper by "mistake."

He hasn't meant to hit forward.

He's a 'tell it like it is' guy...

...until trapped.

Then it was a computer error.

Listen, I'm a passionate guy. I'm often intense. Sometimes I get aggravated with site conditions, or failures to meet schedules. I even get agitated with people I love from time-to-time.

I learned something...

...after responding quickly once and getting into hot water.

Write your response in anger all you'd like...

...then don't hit send!

Wait on it.

Sleep on it.

Count to a million.

Then delete the stupidity...

...or rephrase it!

For the 2nd straight year one of my resolutions is to not get into any battles on social media.

No angry battles!

Bantering back and forth with decent people is okay.

I did read the comments on the Paladino story. I've actually worked with him a few times.

It's extremely unfortunate.

The comments were dumb.

There were people trying to defend what he said.


Don't hit 'Send'!

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