Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Terror works in a amazing way.

When something happens it terrorizes millions of us and we scream out in absolute fear.

I was listening to the bar owner who turned in the terror suspect. The bar owner was not a white American. Certainly he is a 'good' American though. In his assimilated English he patiently told the story for about the 2,000th time on Tuesday morning.

As he spoke I was thinking that his brown skin, and jilted handle on the language could certainly get him tossed if terrorism-handling is taken to the max.

He also said something profound when told he was a hero.

(I'm paraphrasing).

"I was just being an American. Chinese, Muslim, Mexican, all of us Americans have to work together."


One of the other things that always strikes me about these attacks is that when someone gives a measured response to an attack someone screams:

"Why don't we call it what it is? Why don't we call out Ahmed or Abdul, ow whoever?"

Does the label manner?

Those same people scream out when you put the shooters name on television when it's a white, lone wolf guy who shoots up a theatre, or a school, or a church.

So, name them if it's terror and keep them anonymous if they are, what? White?

By the way, there are 100 people killed by the domestic terrorist with a gun than a pipe-making religious zealot.

But of course, I'm against all of the attacks!

I'm against the bomb-makers and the gun-wielding mental patient.

I want my kids to move around this beautiful country not crippled by fear. I have enjoyed that sort of life all of my life.

I've taken planes, trains, buses and subways.

I've never once thought: "Uh-oh, that guy is Mexican or Muslim or Indian, or Chinese. I've never once caught the crazed eye of a regular white dude and thought 'The lights are on but no one is home.'

I look around, but I wonder if I'm observant. I just don't figure it's gonna' happen because the chances of it happening where I am is minimal.

Terror hasn't captured me yet.

The plane I stepped on early this week had less white guys like me on it than anyone else. Truth be told the plane was at least 75% Asian.

If my plane was loaded after all non-American-born people were tossed...I could've slept across three seats.

The answers aren't easy.

I do believe that isolation, fear, hatred of the unknown and reacting in blind rage...

...won't work.

But I appear to be in the minority there.

Line 'em up and attack the ones who look a certain way, or don't speak perfect English with just the right accent is actually the right solution for many.

But that bar owner?

The guy who made the call that captured the suspect?


In that scenario described above...

...would've been dismissed... a terrorist.

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