Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Daddy's Home!

On Sunday afternoon I thought about charging my I-pod for my flight out on Monday morning, but I didn't do it because my charger cord had been flat-out stolen.

I knew who the criminal was.

"Was going to charge my I-pod," I said, "but it's missing because of your passive-aggressive need to aggravate me when I'm not even home," I said to said criminal.

"That's just not true," my beautiful wife said. "I steal your things so I can be closer to you while you're on the road."

The missing charger cable then opened an entire discussion about how things roll when I'm not around.

"Melky isn't the same when you aren't here. She's so depressed that she hardly picks up her head."

"See. We know who loves me," I said.

"We're all that way," Kathy said. "We sit in a circle, holding hands, trying not to cry."

But I wanted the real picture.

"It's just more relaxed," Sam said. "Dishes can stay in the sink or in our rooms. We don't feed everyone at the same time each day."

"So it's a mess of disorganization," I said.


Which, of course, would drive me crazy.

"But we've been talking," Kathy said. "The turnaround has been too quick lately. We need another day to get things cleaned up."

"Tell me how that works," I said.

"Easy. One person goes to the airport. The rest of us clean the house. We've been cutting it close," Kathy said.

God I feel so loved!

Of course, when I come through the door there is some excitement.

Melky and the Pair run to greet me.

Melky does a couple of jumps in that air and races to the box to grab a bone. She then runs through the house...absolute love driving her actions.

The rest meander out a little at a time.

"What's up? Yankees suck," is what I get from Jake.


Poor kid is still cleaning.

"How'd it go?" I'll ask him.

"Those two didn't move a muscle."

"You must be glad I'm here," I say.

"Yeah. I can use the help."

Daddy's Home!!!

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