Monday, September 19, 2016

Maybe I'm Wrong

I don't think that the NFL should have allowed Sharper to be on the Hall of Fame Ballot.

I also don't feel that a stadium of people should be cheering for Joe Paterno at Penn State.

Presidential candidates shouldn't make threats against the person running against him.

We shouldn't dismiss people who feel that their race is being short-changed.

Double murderers don't belong on a Wall of Honor.

And you see, those things bother me.

I really believe that the collective 'We' should aspire to be more kind to one another and I don't get why it doesn't bother more people.

I really don't get it!!!

So, perhaps I'm wrong!

I read the article on the Penn State honoring of Paterno. Franco Harris said that while the 2-minute video tribute to Paterno was a good start...

...he thinks that Penn State owes the Paterno family an apology.


He was a good coach. He was a god on that campus...but can't we all agree to stop pretending that he didn't know what Sandusky was doing.

He knew!

He didn't want it to tarnish his truth be damned...he ignored it.

The NFL allowed Sharper on the Hall of Fame ballot. The Buffalo Bills leave O.J. on the wall...

...cause they can't be bothered... send a positive message.

This presidential campaign has taken us into the depths of negativity. Ask either candidate about their plan for any subject...

...and they'll answer by calling the other candidate names.

Like they're in 2nd grade!

I'm disgusted by the fact that we do not aspire to be more.

But I'm even more concerned that no one gives two shits anymore.

The collective 'We' has quit trying.

Think about it...

...back just a few elections ago Gary Hart was shamed out of his run for presidency when he was busted having an affair.

Clinton got lambasted for smoking a joint when he was in college. (Not to
mention his other problems that shamed him forever).


Lies, scandals, mocking people, giving people nicknames, threatening violence, honoring rapists, enablers, murderers!

Why are 'We' handing out free passes?


Am I wrong?

Thinking we should be better than this????

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