Saturday, September 3, 2016

Labor Day Weekend!


We made it.

A three-day weekend.

I hope that you get all three days off so that you can rest up a little.

In fact, I wonder about the guy who made it a five-day week. I'd like to bash his head in with a lunchbox.

How is that fair?

We should have cut it in half, right...

...3 and a half day weeks would've been enough.

To be fair, things got pretty quiet on Friday afternoon. You could tell that most of the people who were out working on Friday were ready to roll.

I received a great call from my butcher earlier in the week.

"Your brother Jim is looking for Porterhouse steaks. You in?"

"YES!!!!!" I answered.

He laughed.

I swung by the shop on Friday afternoon and got the steaks in the marinade before writing my reports for the day and then I received a text from Jake:

"Going to play basketball," he wrote.


Then Sam joined in:

"I'm going to play too. We'll eat when we get home."

So, we had to wait a little while.

Good thing I had steak for lunch!

Have a great weekend!

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