Thursday, September 8, 2016

She Broke Up Again

I don't know much about Taylor Swift.

If I've ever heard one of her songs I didn't know it was her singing it.

I know that a lot of people enjoy her music, though, and that's all fine and dandy. Music is an acquired taste and I'm all for listening to whatever you want...

...but why do I know so much about this kid's love life...

...or lack of love life?

She seems to be always going out with someone new and then enduring a horrible break-up.

I bring this all up today because evidently her newest relationship, which was just three months old, is over.

Now the joke about all of it is that she writes songs all about her bad relationships.

Kanye famously upstaged her at one awards show and everyone felt sorry for poor Taylor Swift.

Hmmm...what else do I know about her?

Matt thinks she's beautiful.


She looks a little thin and pale to me.

Will she ever find love?

Who knows?

I'm thinking all of this is a little bit of a publicity stunt. How many guys has she dated so far? What is she about 25 years old?


I don't care!!!

But every time I open a news feed...

...there she is!

Poor broken-hearted Taylor.

If she were any good she'd be on E-Street Radio, right?

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