Thursday, September 15, 2016

Catching Up

So, it took two massages, but I have feeling back!

What did I miss?

The mood in Buffalo is a little down. Football fans everywhere were going crazy with anticipation, but alas, the squad looked awful.

But there's hope!

Rex Ryan joined his brother in removing his lap band because "he won more games as a coach when he was fat."


Two big dopes.

I never expected a Yankees pennant race. They were supposed to be done. But here we are, and it feels a lot like 1996 when they won the World Series as underdogs. Not sure if these guys can pull off even a playoff spot, but it's been fun.

Bonus baseball.

Haven't checked in on the stupid presidential race in awhile. Have I missed anything there?

A sharp, brilliant exchange of ideas perhaps?

Thought I saw something about Hillary being loaded into a van.

She sick?

I'm sure Trump wishes her the best.

Compassionate dude there.

The darkness in the morning and the early evening is disconcerting.

Means the cold is gonna' come.

I don't want it!

But the biggest news of all is that we are 12 days away from the Springsteen autobiography.

I've pre-ordered it, but that's not enough...

...he's going to be doing book signings!

I'd pass out if I had a chance to shake his hand and get a signed copy.

I'd also hand him the books he appears in that I've written.

Birthday is coming up.

Maybe I fly to a big city somewhere and stand in line for a couple of days.

That's who should be elected president.

He's the true boss!

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