Sunday, September 18, 2016

Life Is About Suffering

Was in line at the convenient store the other day. I had my dollar ready for my paper, and the dogs were waiting patiently in the car (I had promised a rawhide when we got home) and the woman in front of me was talking.

Talk, talk, talking.

But it would've been rude of me to reach around her and plop my dollar on the counter to interrupt her.

Because she was talking about her 19-year-old niece who had unexpectedly slipped into a coma for reasons unknown to any of us or her doctors.

The woman behind the counter was offering support and prayers, but the poor woman was a bit of a mess about all of it.

She was understandably upset.

"My father-in-law just died two months back too," the woman said. "Why do we have to suffer so much just to get through life?"

I almost said: "'Cause that's how it goes."


The woman finished up and the woman behind the counter continued to offer prayers.

I wanted to pray for the woman too, but she headed to the door without looking at me.

I placed my dollar on the counter.

"Life is tough," the woman behind the counter said as the poor distressed woman pulled away.

It certainly is tough. No doubt about it. 19-years old is way too young to be battling for your life. Losing a family member is pure torture.

We all have to battle through all sorts of things.

Every single day that we are here.

I didn't have anything brilliant to say at all. I felt a little down after having heard the story.

But I got back to my car.

"I got the paper," I announced to the dogs.

They were fired up.

We headed to the house.

The dogs were running wildly into our home...they went straight to the box where their treats are held (no more honor system).

I gave them one each.

They took off for the top of the stairs.

Happy as hell.

No idea that life is about suffering.

That's what it comes down too.

Enjoying the little moments...pushing the suffering out of your mind.

I hope that kid is all right.

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