Monday, September 12, 2016

Coach Bru-50 miles!!!!

A few years back I was honored at the New England Book Festival for Oh Brother! The Life & Times of Jeff Fazzolari.

I was also asked to be a part of a panel discussion of authors and I forget what the hell we talked about, but there were some great writers up there with me.

There was one other guy up there who was shooting right from the hip...

...and breaking the stones right along with me.

He was kind of the last sort of guys that I'd ever be friends with:

A short, sorta' lumpy (let's be honest) guy from New England who talked with that goofy accent.

So, naturally we had lunch.

Coach John Brubaker is a motivated guy.

He's also really funny.

Halfway through that lunch, as we ate mounds of food, we busted one another's balls so much that we later decided to become arch enemies.

Everyone needs a villain in life.

He's my Lex Luthor.

And despite the fact that he continues to be mostly dim-witted, I'm pretty proud of the dopey bastard this morning.

Yesterday, John led a peaceful march through his beautiful home state of Maine in honor of the police in a Blue Ribbon walk.

John doesn't do anything halfway though... was a march through the state that was not meant to cause any kind of strife or create any sort of void in thinking.

It allowed those who participated to honor the work of the blue while also acknowledging the struggles faced by all races.




And while I couldn't help him get it done.

(I ain't walking 50 miles for any purpose).

I did watch in admiration.

He did a great job in raising hope by bringing honor.

Congrats, Bru... did good.

(But you're still a colossal dope).

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