Monday, September 5, 2016

NFL Preview - 2016

I couldn't be less excited about the start of another football season. The more I read about concussions and the more I watch players get arrested and not suspended or arrested and then suspended...I wonder about the love for that game.

Most games are a colossal bore...but hey...what the hell else is there to do but follow along and bet a little?

So what if the players are permanently maimed!

Are you ready for some football????

(OK...full disclosure...last year I went out on a limb and predicted that Dallas would beat Miami in the Super Bowl...both teams sucked! My kids have not let me forget it...but I'm going to get it absolutely correct this year!!)

NFC Division winners:

Washington, Green Bay, Carolina and Seattle

Wild Cards:

Arizona and the Giants


Definitely not picking Dallas again! I think the two best teams are probably Arizona and Seattle. I wasn't impressed with Carolina at all last year and they ruined me by stinking in the Stupor Bowl and ruining my squares.

NFC Champion:

Green Bay

I said Arizona and Seattle are the two best teams so I'll go out on a limb again this year.

(What do I care?)

AFC Division Winners:

New England, Bengals, Jags and Oakland

AFC Wild Cards:

Kansas City



I'm not picking Miami.

Also, Brady is suspended for 4 games in the worst suspension ever in any sport in the history of any game. New England will be pissed and will run away with the AFC Easy.

The hometown team, the Buffalo Bills will continue their mad dash to 20 years without a playoff ceremony. I'm thinking that they eventually throw a big party when they get to the 20-year mark and take Orenthal off the ring of honor.

The Bills had some bad luck in training camp. Who could've thought that the injured guys you drafted actually needed the surgery everyone thought they needed? Or who else could've predicted that the obese, idiotic defensive lineman wouldn't behave after you handed him a hundred million? Worst than that though is their schedule. It's rough! They have a number of home games late in the year...I'm thinking there will be a bunch of $2.00 tickets on StubHub.


My boys will be there as they have season tickets. That's the good news. The bad news is that Bills finish 8-8 and miss the playoffs for the 17th straight year. But there's more good news: The Ryan brothers will get fired when it's over.


Super Bowl Matchup:

Green Bay Versus New England


New England.

And they don't show up at the trophy presentation.

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