Thursday, September 1, 2016

Anthony Weiner

What do you make of this idiot?

Remember him?

He was a senator who was busted for sending photos of his weiner to people who didn't want to see it.

And seriously...who thinks that's a good idea in the first place?

Is that what the kids are doing?

Well, he got stripped of his job in politics because even politicians found him to be creepy...

...(That's hard to do).

Then he drifted off to the world of common work, but his wife hung with him.

He would be getting help...

...he was going to beat the problem (no pun intended)...

...with his strong woman holding him up.

Weiner would be back someday, better than ever.



That's all out the window now.

Weiner couldn't control himself after all.

He took another photo of himself in a creepy position and it was discovered. His child was seen in the photo.

That takes creepy to a level that most of us simply can't understand.

It was also the straw that broke the camel's back...

...his wife is leaving him.

Of course, Weiner's fall has been chronicled everywhere and people are having a field day with the Weiner jokes on social media...

...but it really made me wonder.

How in the hell can you screw up your one shot at life so badly?

He was in the limelight...he was being groomed to be the top weiner...he threw all of it away so he could send creepy photos of himself to strangers?

How in the hell does that happen?

Then he got another chance!

In his marriage, with a job, in life...

...and he did it again!

With his kid in the picture????

There has to be something more to it other than creepiness.

He has to have something wrong...

...what's the medical term?

A screw loose?

Good luck, dude.

That's a mess.

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