Thursday, September 22, 2016

Sick or Not?

Returned home to find some sickness floating around.

Sam was feeling lousy even before I left and he evidently was successful in his effort to pass it around.

Kathy was hacking, aching and in deep need of sleep.


School seems to be the wild card in the start of the sickness garbage. I often think about it on airplanes where people tend to hack up all sorts of stuff in a closed box.

Yet, with all that being said, I can usually fight it off. We all understand that I'm in superb physical condition, but there must be something more to it than that.

(I hate bringing all of this up as it feels like I'm tempting fate)...

...but it usually makes it all the way through the house and I escape.

Hot peppers?

That's my theory.

I put jalapeƱo peppers on my cereal for crying out loud. Two or three times a day I'll be drinking a little milk to try and put out the fire in my mouth...

...but I keep eating them.

I think that research shows that I may be on to something, but a lot of times I feel it and I don't give in.

"I ain't sick."

I talk myself into thinking 'I'm fine.'


...I don't want to sound like a dope. A few years back Donald Trump was on the Opie show and he said, "I've never been sick."

The hosts were laughing at him.

"Nope! Never had the flu. Never had a cold," he said.

Of course, that has to be true, right?

He would never exaggerate something!

I have been sick!

Just hope I get away with it again.

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