Thursday, September 29, 2016


So, Big Papi is all done with the Yankees.

Good riddance.

Here's why I despise the guy:

1). He was good.

Yeah, he killed the Yankees with big homers. He would lean in over the dish and just hammer the ball. I remember a huge game in 2004. He was at the dish with the bases loaded and two outs. Kevin Freaking Brown was pitching to him.

No big deal, right. Get him out, get into the dugout. 7 out of 10 times that happens to the great hitters. There was a break as the Yankees pitching coach went to the mound. They showed Brown's face and then Ortiz' face. I remember thinking:


He hammered the first pitch for a bases-clearing double and clapped his fat hands at second.

2). He cheated.

People love to rewrite history.

"I was against the Iraq war."

Easy to say now.

Ortiz failed the same test that A-Rod did. For some reason he announced that he was confused and that he'd find out what the hell happened and get back to us.

That was 12 years ago.

He cheated. A whole bunch of them did. He wants the Hall of Fame. He wants to pretend that he wasn't on that list.

And baseball writers are going along with it.


3). He plays for the Suck Sux

I hate them.

4). They NEVER moved him off the plate!!!

Many a nights I would scream at the television! Dust him!!

He leaned over the plate as if he were eating at a buffet and the Yankees, for some reason, never made him fall on his ass.

My ultimate dream for his last game ever?

Yeah, him rolling around in the dust.

I don't want him hit, mind you, I just want him to have to bail out!

Never saw it.

5). Did I mention that he cheated?

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