Friday, July 8, 2016

Up Against the Wall

I've never really had a confrontation with a police officer.

I did catch a ride to a police station once where Kathy picked me up. It was a long time ago...when the Bills won a game to head to one of the Super Bowls.

I wouldn't drive my car home...which was a good idea...the cops were actually complimentary of my good judgement.

I remember that we talked football and laughed a little.

So, I don't have much to say about being fearful when the cops are around.

And I certainly respect the job they do.

But with all that being said the recent events in the news...

...two men being shot to death...

One in Minnesota and one in Baton Rouge...

...has set the argument afire.


...the cop who shot the man in Minnesota was an emotional mess immediately following the tragic traffic stop.

I listened to and watched the video that the man's girlfriend captured on her phone.

It was disturbing.

And should be disturbing to anyone who sees it.

The man was shot to death as he reached for his identification.

He told the officer that he was permitted to carry a gun.

Evidently when the cop saw the gun...he panicked.

And made the wrong split-second decision.

So sad.

And the fact that it happened a day earlier down south...

...where a man was killed while laying on the sidewalk...

...under control.

He also did not appear to be posing a threat.

Sad, sad, sad.

What saddens me even more is the reaction. People will actually CHOOSE sides!

The vehicle in Minnesota was stopped for a broken taillight.

The penalty for a busted taillight certainly shouldn't be death.

No one should be on the opposite side of that argument.

It shouldn't happen.

The split-second decisions must be better.

And if there is a debate on this "issue" than there's a problem...

...cause there shouldn't be an argument here.

Can't we just agree that it's sad.

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