Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Taking a little break..., of course I caught Kelly Ripa on Monday morning before going out for potato pancakes with eggs!

Christian Slater was the guest host (although I should be in that chair) and he spoke about going out to a restaurant and trying new foods.

He tried tripe..

...and hated it.

Well, Christian, I've been there.

Dad and John, for sure, and Uncle Jim and possibly Jim... tripe!

I did try it.


Now, of course, Dad made it with his it smelled great.

But it was like chewing on rubber.

Awful-tasting rubber!

Whenever I think of tripe I go back in my mind a whole bunch of years.

Mom and the girls were gone. It was just Dad and the boys.

"I'll make tripe," Dad said.

They knew I was out.

Jim and John were in.

Jeff was on the fence, but like me, he wanted to like it.

He was only about 5 years old.

He took a forkful and promptly spit it across the table.


We all laughed.

Lucky there was plenty of pasta left.

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