Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Half-Truths, Rumors & Outright Lies

Depending upon what you believe there is truth to the following items:

1). Ted Cruz's father ate breakfast with Oswald on the morning of the JFK assassination.

Is this true or false?

Depends on who you ask. Donald Trump believes it. Ted Cruz says it's idiotic.

And yet it is out there....so everyone on social media can use it to create their memes and further their arguments.


This doesn't appear to have any basis in truth.

2). Obama is a Muslim who has always been plotting to overthrow the American Government.

This one has been around ever since we were introduced to Obama.

Hell! He has a terrorist name!

His middle name is always used when someone is trying to prove this one. Obama has no interest in helping Americans. Before he leaves office...his motives will be crystal clear.


Really? If you believe this...you're a mess. Delete your accounts. Go back to school. Stop talking.

3). Trump raped a 13-year old.

There may be charges raised against Trump here.

Does that mean it's true?

No one believed anything against Cosby...and yet...it's curious to say the least.

It has been quiet for years. He's in the limelight. Now the rumors begin.


The media hasn't jumped at this one. Charges are often brought against famous people.

Is it possible?

I hope not.

4). Hillary is a murderer.

This one has been repeated over and over. Someone close to the Clinton's committed suicide. It was investigated...found not true.

Then there is Benghazi.

Clinton was Secretary of State.

Did she do the right thing?

Obviously it was a tragedy...

...but mass murderer?


There have been 43 embassy attacks resulting in hundreds of deaths.


Name the other Secretary of States who were judged to be a murderer in the other 42.

Ridiculous and irresponsible.

5). 9/11 was an inside job.

Books, blogs, groups, clubs and fake news groups have spent time on this issue.

Bush & Cheney cooked it up so they could steal millions by going into Iraq and grab oil.

It's amazing to me how much traction this has gained. Jesse Ventura swears that America killed their own for financial gain.

How did those buildings explode like that?

How come some key people were kept clear of the towers that day?

The conspiracies are wild.


I have listened...I must confess...do I believe it?

In a word: "No."

Of course we never receive all the information, but I can't believe that our government is THAT evil.

I don't want to believe it!!!

6). The Shootings Are Staged.

There are people out there who believe that al of the mass shootings are staged by the government in an effort to come for the guns of all Americans.

These people believe that the shooting scenes are staged and that all those who are interviewed are actors.

"They" supposedly have casting calls.

"They" hire people to play witnesses, dead people, and even the police.


Then "They" are gathering information to grab guns.



Simply ridiculous.

The overall verdict

STOP IT!!!!!!!!!

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