Sunday, July 24, 2016

Buy or Sell???

The Yankees have been mediocre all year.

In fact, I've had to endure about 25 people a week busting my...err...chops about it.

I'm still watching, of course, and I'm more irritated about the people asking me:

"Are the Yankees going to trade everyone?"

Than I am about the mediocrity.

I looked up the standings for July 22, 1978.

The Yankees were in 4th place. 10 games behind the Suck Sux.

This year they are also in 4th place. Roughly 5 games out.

The 1978 team won the World Series.

"This team isn't good enough," everyone tells me now.

Uh, they were saying the same thing in '78.

But it's about more than baseball.

Baseball is always about more than baseball to me.

These Yankees stumbled out of the gate.

I have heard that they need to cut bait and trade everyone for 3 months now.

Yeah...since about the middle of April, people were already giving up.

We live in that kind of a world.

Fight with the wife?

Get a new one.

Don't like your boss?


As for sports... everyone!

Dump this guy!

Trade that guy!!

Now, that's not to say that there isn't some value to getting younger somehow...

...building for the future isn't a bad idea.

I just hate when people just quit at the first sign of trouble.

Something inside wants me to let them ride it out.

Sink or me!

And I'm okay if they don't win the World Series on any given year.

I really am.

I love the sport.

I'd watch them if they were 40 games out.

And I wouldn't give up.

Now, as for the Bills?

Fire them all!!!

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