Friday, July 15, 2016

I Love Craig Sager

The great NBA reporter, Craig Sager, won an ESPY on Wednesday night for his battle with cancer and his ability to rise above it.


...Sager is a semi-famous guy.

His strength is inspiring.

He also knows that he's not alone...that there are millions of people who did just what he did...received horrible news from the doctor...

...and got after it anyway!

What was special about Sager's acceptance speech was that he referenced Jimmy V's "Don't give up! Don't ever give up!" speech, but he also put his own touch on it.


...he reminded us is precious and limited.

He spoke of doing chemo and radiation for 14 straight days in an effort to stay alive.

Trying to get more time.

And that's what so many of us really need to hear.

The trivial crap...the garbage thoughts...the bickering and fighting.

The sadness.

Sager was amazing in the delivery of his speech.

All upbeat.

He made me laugh.

He made me think.

He made me sad to think that his time is certainly severely limited because he got a bad draw.

But all of our time is limited.

We all need that reminder now and again so that we make the best use of our hours.

Craig Sager did what so many athletes don't do...

...he was generous, brilliant and heartwarming.

Long live Craig Sager.

You gotta' love him!

And the sport coat!!

It was a beauty.

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