Friday, July 29, 2016


The Democratic convention is going on this week.

I have held tight to my policy of not listening to any of them speak.

Doesn't matter the party...I don't want to hear what is going to be made great.

It's all kind of Dumb.

But the conventions have changed now.

Now we also get the live tweeting before and after the actual speakers are speaking.

From one side we had about what a great speech it is...

...from the other side we hear how awful it is.

It's all so DUMB!

What I don't get now, and perhaps it was always this way, but there is absolutely no compromise on either side of the aisle.

It's either my way, or you're DUMB!

(Usually it's sent as 'your dumb' which makes the person sending it that way...DUMB!)

Here is my take-away:

Using the wrong e-mail server for classified info - DUMB!

Inviting the Russian Government to dig through American material - DUMB!!

Building a wall - DUMB!!!

Not following immigration procedures to ensure that it isn't a free for all - DUMB!!!

Calling all cops racist - DUMB!!@!

Blasting an entire race or an entire religion - DUMB!!!

So why are our leaders or want-to-be-leaders...

...SO Damn Dumb?

And is it all as bad as it is being made out to be?

Doom and gloom and arguing and complaining and whining...

...isn't a strategy!

It's just Dumb!!!

And it is happening constantly!

"So tired of all this political shit," my beautiful wife said as she flipped through the channels the other night.

She doesn't pay much attention to any of it, while I fill up my head with the complaints of each side.

"You have to pay attention to some of it," I tried.

"Why?" She asked. "It's all garbage. One is dumber than the other."

And what is going to happen is going to happen.

Cast your vote.

Keep your dumbness to yourself.

Control your rage and anger for the 'other side'

because this constant division is...

...all together now...


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