Monday, July 11, 2016

Random Thoughts

1). The Bon Jovi commercial makes me shake my head every time. Is he broke? Did he understand how stupid he'd look singing a badly ryhmed song about rewinding during a television show?

Then he turns and looks at the camera as if to say "Ain't I good?"

2). Every weekend during the summer there are walks and races all across this nation to raise money to fight all sorts of diseases and disabilities. That's good news and shows the compassion of so many. I find it hard to believe that there are more callous, hateful people than caring and compassionate people.

I just think that it sort of sells less.

Most everyone you know is still pretty decent, right?

3). We spent years and years trying to allow rights for a whole bunch of different groups of people...then along came some people saying..."Those people are..."

This or that.

And when you start lumping people together...'re back at square one.

4). One step up and two steps back. (Hi Kim). That's the story of the Yankees season at the halfway point. I have enjoyed some of their play. I've hated others. I've still watched. And while it's always nice to compete for a title...I'm not bitter about their not being in the mix...if they aren't. Hard to gauge. Can they make a run?

No idea.

5). Derek Jeter got married on Saturday night. It was a small ceremony. He wants to get a family started. I'm sure that there are scouts out there trying to draft the embryo. You just know that about 20 years from now Derek Jeter Jr. will get drafted...even if he hates sports.

Hope his kid is better than Pete Rose Jr.

6). I've always thought that sports stars should get whatever money they could from owners, but it's getting a little nuts now. $120 million for 4 years? For putting a ball in a basket?

There has to be able to figure it out. How much money does anyone need? I know it's awfully socialistic, but $30 million a year as opposed to $7.25 for an hour. Big differences in profession, but I hate that athletes are royalty...especially since a lot of them act like idiots.

7). We need rain. I've heard that quite a bit around these parts lately. And some sunny days you do wish it were raining. Work slows down a bit when it rains...crops grow...grass grows...there's a chance to relax.

But it's not raining!


8). And finally back to Jeter.

He's married now.

John Mellencamp made me laugh when he referenced "Jack & Diane" in a song years later by calling them "Diane & Jack."

Happens to a lot of men...

...even the greatest shortstop of all-time.

One piece of advice, Jeets:

You're given a job to do for the first time...purposely screw it up and then act sad about not doing it won't be asked to do it again.

That might've worked for me...

...but alas, she knew that I could cook, clean and do laundry before it all began.

Those were my jobs from the get-go.

Just having a hard time imagining Derek emptying the dishwasher.

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