Monday, July 4, 2016

Camp Clifford Is Open

We had a visitor to Camp Clifford this week:

My nephew John called last Sunday and appeared nervous to ask me if he could spend the week with his cousins.

"You're always welcome."

So he arrived and really got the new season here at Camp Clifford started.

They must have played a hundred games of basketball. Every single day they were either playing in the driveway or heading to a park to play.

And they ate and drank pop, Gatorade, iced tea...

...anything they could get their hands on.

Not only did they eat whatever we made for dinner, but they also went on a food run every night.

They stayed up until the wee hours of the morning.

On Saturday night I heard them giggling... quarter to three in the morning.

"Yo, I'm trying to sleep up here!" I called down.

The laughing continued.

The next morning, as he ate about six eggs with pork sausage I asked Johnny:

"Why were you laughing like that at three in the morning?"

"Because we're funny," he said.

He finished off the eggs in about 4 minutes. His visit was drawing to a close.

"Why don't you stay the rest of the summer?" I asked.

"I could?" He asked.

Why not?

Camp Clifford is open until early September.

"The Bills are going to the AFC Championship Game this year," Johnny said as he headed for the door.


He fits right in.

He could be a camp counselor.

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